Project Policies and Procedures

Instructions for Clicking “Approve” or “Reject and Comment”

Clicking “Approve” takes you to a project approval form to be completed by the person from your organization who will be taking full and final responsibility for approving all aspects of the project (see our Project Approval Policy below).  After approval, your project will move immediately to the next department for production, quality review and shipping.

Clicking “Reject and Comment” will give you the opportunity to provide written comments to the artist.  Please be as detailed as possible in these notes.  We will notify you via email when revisions to your project have been completed and re-uploaded.  You are welcome to call the artist to discuss the creative direction of your project; however, you must still record your comments in our online art approval system so that we can track the forward progress of your project.

In the unlikely event the creative direction of your project gets off track from your perspective, please contact your Project Advisor immediately for assistance because we want you to be totally satisfied with our design services.

Project Approval Policy

We want your final project to be perfect.  As hard as we try to proof our own work, occasionally mistakes are made in mocking up your project or in the art we receive from clients.  For this reason, we require each client to double check the art, apparel color and style or promotional item specifications.  This important final review should be done by someone within your organization who has ultimate responsibility for the correctness of your project.  The right person to make the final review might even be someone different from our main contact within your organization for your project.  We want everything to be right the first time and avoid any possibility for disappointment over an order.  However, the reality is when errors that could have been caught before the project was approved are not identified until after the project is shipped, there is potential for deliberation over who was responsible for the mistake and how the situation might be remedied.  We want to accommodate our clients as much as possible but, in these situations, our clients have the final responsibility to proof the art and bear the financial burden, if any, of projects they approve in error.

To avoid any confusion and hard feelings, our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy requires the person who approves your project to acknowledge they have full and unconditional authority to make such approval.  Further, taking such action includes accepting final responsibility for making sure all aspects of the project mock-up are to your organization’s satisfaction in all respects including, but not limited to, apparel style and color, design size/placement/alignment, art/logo elements, spelling, punctuation, grammar, font size and readability, use of half tones, ink contrast to apparel color and anything else that is important to your organization.  Be very careful to not totally judge the fullness of color or brightness from the proof on our website as images will vary among computer displays or color printers.  Contact us if you would like other color proofing options.  Also, please know that screen printing and embroidery involves hand alignment on our machines and, therefore, are subject to variation among items within the same order which should be expected.  Please contact your Project Advisor so we can discuss concerns you might have regarding approval of this project.

The replacement cost of imprinted items produced that are rejected by your organization (“rejected items”) because of issues that should have been detected by your organization during the approval process will be billed to the client at the same price and in addition to the rejected items originally produced.  Please contact your Project Advisor before your project is approved if you have any questions regarding the responsibility your organization is assuming by approving its project.

Deadlines and Other Changes

Your project must be approved by the Art Approval Deadline in order for your project to be produced, shipped and delivered to you by the date you’ve requested.  This deadline is established when your order is placed and will be communicated to you in an email notification when your project  has been uploaded to our online art approval system.  Delaying approval beyond this date might delay your project’s delivery and/or result in additional charges.

Please contact your Project Advisor directly to submit apparel sizes, change the project’s delivery date or make any other changes to your order.  Any changes made after your project moves to production might result in additional charges.